My First Steps Towards Zero Waste

I have been thinking about going zero waste for a long time and finally made the decision a few days ago. Why? Everyone can see that our planet is suffering more and more from the enormous amount of plastic waste that we produce every year. We can see the impact with our own eyes. If we don’t take a step to change something about this, we will not only destroy the future for ourselves but also for the future generations.

I truly believe that if every person decided to stop using and buying so much plastic, we could eventually force big companies to start producing more eco-friendly products and change the world for better.

M y first step towards zero waste was to look around my house and see all the stuff that I have been buying which has unnecessary plastic packaging. For example, whenever I bought potatoes (which I buy at least twice a week) they were packaged in a big plastic bag
(they only sell really small loose potatoes in my supermarket). So, this means that if I kept doing what I was doing before I would buy 8 plastic bags per month – that’s 96 BAGS PER YEAR. And that’s only for potatoes. I would waste 96 bags that I didn’t even use or need for anything. The same goes for milk, bread, cucumbers and many more.

After I identified the culprits I decided that I would need a few things to begin my zero saste journey. However, the best thing about this is that you don’t have to buy many of them and you can already reuse what you have.

I searched my kitchen for any glass jars that I could reuse in the future. I also have a cute glass bottle that I got from a cafe in my city, I already had one before and used it for juice.
I reused my glass bottle for homemade carrot juice, when I wanted to take it with me to work.
I also made some celery juice (on the recommendation from my mum) , which tasted freakin horrible but it still looked beautiful in the bottle.

I decided to buy some reusable produce bags, as I want to stop using the plastic ones in the store and instead bring them with me every time. I searched the internet for a good UK based zero waste online shop and stumbled upon “AndKeep”.

I ordered some organic cotton mesh produce bags, which look beautiful and I can’t wait to actually go and use them.

I also ordered some organic cotton bags which are not see through because I wanted to have some variety.

And finally some bamboo toothbrush which has very soft bristles and looks beautiful and simplistic.

The prices doesn’t seem too bad for products that I am going to be using for many years from now on (I’ll replace the toothbrush frequently of course). As well as that, everything is organic, and will be shipped without the use of any plastic packaging. I really can’t wait for this to order to arrive and start using it for my shopping.

One of my next posts will be about a local zero waste grocery store that I am really thrilled to visit. So check it out if you want to 🙂



3 thoughts on “My First Steps Towards Zero Waste

    1. Thank you :). I think most of us are so used to seeing plastic that we don’t even notice anymore how much unnecessary waste we are creating. Even if what I’m doing won’t have a huge impact on the planet, imagine if more people did the same thing. 😀


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