My First Time Shopping At a Zero Waste Bulk Store

Finally! I have found a place that sells good Sourdough bread. Even better, it’s at a zero waste bulk store in my city. The store is called Locavore and the bakery who supplies them is The Freedom Bakery which trains people from prison to bake artisan bread.

My last post on this blog was about me taking some steps, such as ordering linen bags to be able to go zero waste shopping. and shop there. However, as they haven’t arrived yet, so I have only went there for a small shopping.

I was excited to find some great looking Rye and Caraway bread. As well as that, there is a milk machine which lets you buy organic non-homogenised milk in glass bottles. You simply buy one of the reusable 1/2 litre bottles they sell there and then fill it up with some fresh milk from the farm.

When I came back home, I decided to do a comparison of normal milk that we usually buy from Morrisons and the organic milk. The normal milk was actually very bland and watery compared to the sweeter organic version which tasted more rich and milky. The difference was very obvious! Even my boyfriend, who I thought wouldn’t like the organic version, agreed that it tastes much better. 🙂



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